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About Manatee County Farm Bureau

An estimated 5,125 people are employed in the agricultural industry, which records more than $300 million in annual sales. The top agricultural commodities, vegetable crops and livestock, flourish on 59 percent of the county's nearly 300,000 acres of farmland. Crops are a source of 75 percent of agricultural cash receipts.

Out of Florida's 67 counties, Manatee ranks first in tomato and watermelon production, second in cabbage, and third in pepper crops. Livestock accounts for 15 percent of the cash receipts. Thirty-six percent of farm acreage supports range and woodlands. And Manatee County is the home of one of the nation's largest growers of cut flowers

Florida Farm Bureau Through the Years
This year, Florida Farm Bureau Federation celebrates 66 years of service to agriculture.
With more than 145,000 members, Florida Farm Bureau is the state's largest agricultural organization. There are Farm Bureaus in 64 counties in this state, where agriculture is second only to tourism in economic importance.
Mission and Vision
The Florida Farm Bureau Federation's mission is "to increase the net income of farmers and ranchers, and to improve the quality of rural life." The vision of the FFBF is "Florida Farm Bureau will be the most effective, influential and respected Farm Bureau in the nation. To truly be recognized as Florida's Voice of Agriculture."   >>More



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